Private Label Blends


A private label blend can make a strong difference to your brand, allowing you to further competitive differentiate your cafe or coffee product, and hence create a unique niche in a somewhat crowded coffee marketplace.

You can sell multi-award winning artisan roasted coffee produced on state of the art coffee roasting equipment, quickly and with very little investment. While we approach our business with the care of the craftsman, we utilize advanced technology to maintain our high levels of excellence.

By allowing us to do your coffee roasting and packaging for you, your business avoids investing large amounts of capital in expensive roasting and packaging equipment, investing in training and maintaining expertise, ongoing machine maintenance and repairs costs, and significant production time.

Whether you are a new or established cafe, supermarket, existing coffee brand, a company that sells coffee over the internet, or even a business looking to use a unique product in your marketing campaign, we will work with you to build a private label program that gives you peace of mind and business success.


Important decisions for a private label program:

Select your coffee

We have a wide range and selection of coffees that will fit your customer base or we can produce a custom blend on our commercial sample coffee roaster, and then recreate the profile on our larger coffee roasters.

Labels or printed bags

Designing a label for your coffee is an important step in having people recognize who you are. We have an in-house designer who can work directly with you doing basic design, or we can recommend a designing company whom we work with.


We have valve bags available in 1kg, 500g, 250g sizes.

Bags can either be printed or labeled. 

Selling your coffee

We are here to help ensure that your private label coffee is a success. If you need any type of assistance with coffee descriptions, pricing, coffee selections and knowledge, please let us know.


We do all our contract coffee roasting in Sydney. Please contact our head coffee roaster and owner, Craig Sommer on 0408791960 or via email, if you are interested in learning about how we can help you.