Roasted Coffee beans MUTLI PACK, 4 x 1kgs | Soprano Coffee

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Soprano Coffee
Coffee Beans
Roast Level:
Medium, medium dark
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Select 4 of any of our roasted coffee beans, they can be the same or different types.

Each bag is 1kg in size



Mocha Supremo: Caramel, dark chocolate, berry, walnut nuances, buttery richness and creamy.


Forte: A strong coffee with refined acidity, subtle cocoa texture, gentle spice flavours and a sweet aftertaste.


Caramella: A rich sweetness, full-bodied, vanilla, almond and chocolate flavours pushing through the milk.


Super Crema: A combination of strong crema and full bodied beans, giving a Rich, lush, Creamy with Milk Chocolate and Cocoa Flavours.


Fairtrade/Organic: Nut, cocoa and apricots fruit flavour coming through, with a medium to full balanced body.



Organic: Using 100% Organic Certified Coffee Beans. This has notes of caramel, honey, biscuity, honey-dew melon, is subtle, leading to a long clean finish.